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Refund & Cancellation Policy :-
Digital Signature Purchase - Applicable for all Classes of DSC
  • Before Order creation on certifying authority - 100% Refund
  • Before Order approval on certifying authority - 100% Refund
  • Cancellation Request due to in-sufficient documentation - 100% Refund
  • Upon order approval on certifying authority - No Refund
  • Also, request for refund must be submitted within service validity period.

Refund Mode & Duration

Refunds are provided back to customer via online mode (PayU). From the time refund request is received, the amount is refunded within 7 to 10 working days. Exact duration depends on bank holidays and their schedule in processing refund.

Validity Period of Service

DSC Purchase: Applicants are eligible to utilize service to apply for Digital Signature from SHAMIM’S TRADING CORPORATION within 60 days after the date of payment.

DSC Purchase: Applicants are eligible to utilize service to apply for Digital Signature from SHAMIM’S TRADING CORPORATION within 60 days after the date of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Signature
Digital Signature Certificate is commonly used to sign documents for GST and Tender bids. Other uses include signing on invoices, contracts, corporate documents, tax returns, Cersai, FIU, and UIDAI.
Digital Signature is legally binding. Only a licensed Certifying Authority can issue Digital Signature Certificates.
Paper-less steps are now available to renew or buy new Digital Signature. Paper-less process is faster, cheaper, and fully online. Individual persons, and all types of business organisations can use paper-less steps.
Which Class of DSC to buy?
There is only one class of DSC to buy. CCA has simplified the DSC Classes in 2021. Only Class-3 DSC is available to purchase for both individuals and organisations. Renewals or new sales of Class 2 is discontinued.
Class-3 DSC is widely accepted for most purposes like Tax (income tax or GST), EPFO, Director's eKYC, register new business on MCA portal, Import Export Code, sign invoices (Tally or Zoho Books), EPFO, etc.
To submit Tenders online, Government eProcurement portals encourage applicants to use Class-3 with encryption combo for submitting bids to tender portal if TIA requires so.
My DSC has expired. How to renew?
Once Digital Signature has expired, applicants cannot sign new documents anymore. Digital Signature must be renewed to continue signing documents.
The renewal process is exactly same as buying New Digital Signature. However, there is no need to buy another USB cryptographic token/dongle. DSC is issued with validity of 1 to 3 years.
Paper-less Steps to buy DSC Online
Step 1: Enter applicant name, phone, email, and make payment.
Step 2: Receive automatic e-mail with link to open CA Portal (eMudhra or Capricorn).
Step 3: Create KYC ID / PIN or use existing KYC ID.
Step 4: Upload PAN Card, Proof of Address, and a passport size photo. For Class-3, additional documents must be uploaded.
Step 5: Record Video using phone or laptop. Read statement shown on screen.
Step 6: Certifying Authority will approve and issue Digital Signature Certificate (eMudhra or Capricorn).
Step 7: Download DSC and store on USB cryptographic token such as ePass2003-Auto.
What is ePass2003-Auto : token/dongle?
ePass2003-Auto is used to store Digital Signature. It is referred as token or dongle. As a secure storage device designed to provide strong authentication, it helps protect sensitive data such as Digital Signature.
Cryptographic tokens are different from normal USB thumb drive. ePass2003 provides FIPS 140-2 security levels. ProxKey and Alladin tokens can also be used to store DSC.
Retail price of ePass2003-Auto varies between Rs.300 to Rs.500. Multiple Digital Signature Certificates can be stored in one token/dongle.
What is eKYC? for DSC
KYC stands for Know-Your-Customer. Individual applicants upload Pan Card or Aadhaar XML to complete eKYC online. The process is completed online with upload of PAN Card and one proof of address. No attestation is required. There is no need send physical documents.
Scanned copies to Upload:
1. PAN Card (front side copy)
2. Passport size photo
3. Any One Address Proof with applicant name
  • Aadhaar eKYC
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
For business and company DSC, there may be additional documents to be uploaded as part of eKYC.
Steps to create e-KYC account using PAN Card
Step 1: Fill online application form and complete payment
Step 2: Open the e-mail received and click on DSC link
Step 3: Choose option to create e-KYC as "Pan Card Based"
Step 4: Enter applicant's PAN Number and Name as in PAN Card.
Step 5: Enter address as per proof of address
Step 6: Create new eKYC ID and PIN. eKYC account have 2 years validity.
How to record Video for DSC?
Open the e-mail received for video recording on your smart phone or computer.
  • Record video using camera on smartphone or computer.
  • Read the statement shown on screen - loud and clear.
  • Show documents to camera - original PAN Card and Address Proof Applicant face must be visible Duration of video will be for 20 seconds
Video Recording has been enabled with extra 4 languages (Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam), in addition to Hindi & English.
What is Aadhaar e-KYC XML?
It is a secure sharable document which can be used by Aadhar number holder for offline verification of Identity.
Service Providers like telecom mobile companies, Digital Signature Providers, and others can establish identify of an individual using Aadhaar eKYC XML.
The XML file contains Name, Address, Photo, Gender, DOB, registered Mobile Number, Email address of resident among other details.
Steps to download Aadhaar XML file for eKYC
It is a secure sharable document which can be used by Aadhar number holder for offline verification of Identity.
Step 1: Go to URL
Step 2: Enter 'Aadhaar Number' or 'VID' and mentioned 'Security Code' in screen, then click on 'Send OTP'
Step 3: Enter the OTP received by registered Mobile Number for the given Aadhaar Number
Step 4: Enter a Share Code which will be password for the ZIP file and click on 'Download' button
Step 5: The Zip file containing the digitally signed XML will be downloaded
DSC for Foreign Individuals
Citizens and residents of any foreign country can buy Digital Signature from India. It is fully online process.
Upload scanned documents, and download DSC after approval. Use DSC to file tax returns, or sign offical documents of India.
DSC is issued by a Certifying Authority - Capricorn or eMudhra. We are approved partners to sell Capricorn / eMudhra DSC.
Foreign applicants can download DSC online and then store the DSC on a cryptographic token/dongle. If required, ePass2003-Auto is sent by FedEx / DHL courier from India.
Foreign DSC applicant must show original passport during video recording. For companies, applicant must show authorization letter and firm registration documents also.
DSC for Foreign Companies
Applicants from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, and other parts of world have used to buy their Digital Signature to sign documents for India.
Business firms registered outside India need Class-3 Digital Signature to sign official Government documents such as tender submission or Indian Railways. Paper-less process is convenient with faster turnaround time.
Digital India adopts DSC
India has been modernizing its governance federally over the last decade. India has now adopted a unique identification system to its residents using Aadhaar.
The Indian government is only accepting e-Tenders for procurement of goods and services. It is an open bidding system followed in India. As a democratic country, all individuals and organizations that adhere to bidding criteria are eligible to throw their hat inside the ring. Entry Barriers have been lifted and neutralized.
Common people can begin supply milk to Indian Railways and provide any services as required by Government agencies. e-Tenders have enabled market participation expanded to all corners of the eco-system.
e-Tenders are legally binding documents, which once accepted by the Government puts the bidder under obligation. Such a document requires an irrevocable signature by the bidder. Digital Signature Certificate provides this security to all involved parties.
Class 3 Digital Signature for DGFT

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