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What is a Digital SIgnature ?

What distinguishes an electronic signature from a digital signature?

Although the terms "electronic signatures" and "digital signatures" are sometimes used interchangeably, there are some key differences and specific reasons to favour one over the other. At DSC , we deal with companies all the time that are confused by the two options and need help deciding which form of signature to include in their workflow for document signing.

E-signature - what is it?

An "e-signature" is any signature that is applied electronically as opposed to physically on paper. An electronic signature can be used to confirm a document's content, but not all electronic signatures are equally reliable in the eyes of the law. If you operate in a highly regulated area, such as finance or accounting, HR, legal, or healthcare, where you deal with delicate personal and/or confidential information and data.

The digital signature - what is it?

"Although used to sign papers, digital signatures are a sort of electronic signature but they differ from electronic signatures in a few key areas.
Before we get into the technicalities, it might be helpful to take a step back and think about the security concerns around paper-based documents and workflows. People and organisations worry about the following issues most frequently when dealing with paper-based documentation:
Is the person who signed the document truly who they claim to be? How else can I verify that the signature is real and not a fake?
How can I confirm—or, from the perspective of the recipient, ensure—that the document's contents haven't been altered?"
The purpose of digital signatures is to help address this issue by providing the digital equivalent of a notarized signature on your paperwork.

Digital signatures and e-signature benefits "Similar to a regular signature but better:"

Electronic signatures have a number of benefits over their analogue counterparts that use ink. They have a less environmental impact and are immediate, portable, and legally binding. They frequently have technology supporting them that verifies the legitimacy of the signature.


In order to establish an electronic signature, papers must be scanned, printed, and faxed. This process is not only difficult and time-consuming, but also harmful to the environment. Your entire carbon footprint increases with every new device you buy. Your workflow will be more effective with fewer devices. Furthermore, less wood will need to be harvested in order to produce the paper necessary to print hardcopy documents.

Effortless, convenient, and reliable

Electronic signatures minimise unnecessary processes and speed up agreements and approvals. There is no need to wait for the mail or get in your car to hand over documentation because electronic signatures are instant. After you have electronically signed a document, you can proceed to the following step
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